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  • Press releases
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  • Website SEO copy
About me
I've been offering copywriting services for about 2 years now.
Being a native Russian and Ukrainian speaker (speaking Russian from birth; born and educated in my home country, Ukraine) and having an MA in English and having lived in the USA for 9 years, I can offer my services in all 3 languages that I speak. Thanks to my unique background I can provide a near-native and idiomatic product, that's why the biggest bulk of my work is copywriting in US English.

My work

I've written a few hundred posts on tech, design, apps, games, crypto/blockchain, and other topics:
100+ posts for
On polyglot Bots:
Website copy for

I have worked for

SEM Solutions, Indie Localizers Team, ExpressVPN
Specializing in:
  • IT (Információtechnológia)
  • Játékok / videojátékok / játék / kaszinó
  • Számítógépek: Szoftver
  • Marketing / Piackutatás


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