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  • Rate per hour €40.00 EUR
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  • Ad copy
  • Business names & taglines
  • Press releases
  • Product listings
  • Marketing email copy
  • Website SEO copy
About me
A professional copywriter and transcreation specialist since 2006. I work with brands from around the globe, helping them get their message across and reach their target audiences. Having spent 5 years in the UK I offer in-depth understanding of the English language nuances combined with my superior Polish language knowledge backed by my in-country localisation. I'm a Chartered Linguist of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and ITI Assessor of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

My work

I've translated hundreds of press releases for a number of brands (e.g. Rukkii, Fortum, Axalta). I'm also the person behind Polish versions of TV ads (Citroen, Nike, Goodyear), as well as press and online ads (Goodyear, Norwegian, Nike). I write and localize websites (DFSCO, Goodyear) and client-facing marketing material (NetEnt, Hilton).

I have worked for

Google, Axalta, ING, Emirates, Norwegian Airlines, Halls, Salesforce, Goodyear, Toyota, Honda, Motorola Solutions, Hilton, RayBan, PayPal, Nike, Lipton, Costa, Milka, SHL, CEB, British Council
Specializing in:
  • Reklám / PR
  • Sport / fitnesz / kikapcsolódás
  • Marketing / Piackutatás
  • Autóipar / autók és teherautók
  • Üzlet/kereskedelem (általános)
  • Internet, e-kereskedelem
  • Műszaki (általános)
  • Játékok / videojátékok / játék / kaszinó
  • IT (Információtechnológia)
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