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  • Ad copy
  • Business names & taglines
  • Press releases
  • Product listings
  • Marketing email copy
  • Website SEO copy
About me
Skilled copywriter with years of experience working in advertising. Committed to producing exceptional and creative types of content, including articles, internet content, advertisements, commercials, brochures, and publications. Experienced in a variety of writing styles and determined to strive for the best. Dedicated team player who enjoys working with others to develop innovative ideas. Seasoned professional with the goal of going beyond what is expected

My work

Technical, Legal, IT, Contracts, Tender Dossier, Civil engineering, construction, engineering design, electromechanical equipment, manufacturing, oil and gas, water treatment, structural engineering, environmental engineering, sustainability, patents, installation manuals, construction methodologies, product catalogues, works completion certificates, safety manuals.

I have worked for

Tranlanguage Inc.USA, SG Communciations Ltd. Israel, Lyric Labs India Pvt. Ltd., ASAP Translations Service, Hongkong, TTI Network, France, 3ADE, India, Translax, Poland, Tridindia, India, FUED Germany
Specializing in:
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  • Emberi erőforrások
  • IT (Információtechnológia)
  • Biztosítás
  • Turizmus és utazás
  • Internet, e-kereskedelem
  • Autóipar / autók és teherautók
  • Jog (általános)


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