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  • Rate per hour $40.00 USD
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  • Ad copy
  • Business names & taglines
  • Press releases
  • Marketing email copy
About me
While I am a sworn translator with a degree form the School of Law, University of the Republic of Uruguay, I have a "gift" for creative translation and writing.
It's difficult to explain. I only know it has to do with a "musical ear", a deep knowledge of Spanish, and natural inspiration.
Did I mention I am an award-winning literary translator and writer?

My work

Creative translation and writing. A gift for creating appealing texts that stick to your mind and make you smile, remember, want.

I have worked for

I am not authorized to disclose their names, as I have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with them.
Specializing in:
  • Marketing / Piackutatás
  • Reklám / PR
  • Turizmus és utazás
  • Környezet és ökológia
  • Oktatás / pedagógia
  • Újságírás
  • Jog (általános)
  • Jog: Szerződés(ek)
  • Költészet és irodalom
  • Orvosi: Egészségügy


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